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Earned Value Management Report Template for Projects is a Microsoft Excel based tool/template which enables the project managers to track the projects effectively.

Get the power of EVM to track your projects and see excellent results like project being under budget and on schedule.


· Monitor progress and take corrective and preventive actions to get project back on track.

· Improved Customer Satisfaction with better reporting.

· Forecasting and Trends built in

· Full Featured What-if Analysis New

· Support for Excel 2007 New

· Total control of the Project.

· Works with Microsoft Project.

· Download Instantly and try for 30 days

· Buy & Activate full license within 24 hours

· Buy the Book and get free 60 days License


Perpetual License       —      Price: $120.00


Project On Schedule and Under Budget. How often do you see this in your projects? Take full control of your project.


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Download NowVersion 4.0EVM Report Template for Projects

Annual Subscription  —  Price: $12.00

Monthly Price: $1.00


Free to Download and Use

Licensing Terms:

· Free License


Under this license the software is free to download and use by one project manager for as many projects as he may be handling. The restriction under this license is that the computer on which this software is being used should be connected to the Internet when using this software. And this license downloads advertisements from our website. You are not allowed to disable the advertisements. This license is issued with the prime revenue interest being advertisements. Complete functionality of the tool is available under this license.


· Annual Subscription


Under this license the user subscribes to the software for a period of one year which is renewable at the end of the one year period from the date of registration and is for use by one project manager for as many projects as he may be handling. The restriction under this license is that the software can be used without any advertisements for a period of one year from the date of registration. Under this license there is no restriction for the computer to be connected to the computer. The software will prompt the user for renewal of the license from 5 days before expiry. There after the software can still be used but with advertisements. Once the  new license key is updated in the software the advertisements will stop and the software can be used for another period of one year. This option also has the upgrade to Perpetual license facility. Complete functionality of the software is available under this license.


· Perpetual License


Under this license the software is licensed to the user for ever and is for use by one project manager for as many projects as he may be handling. The software can be used as long as the customer wishes to use without any restrictions. There will be no advertisements displayed nor the software will force the customer to be connected to the internet. The software will never expire under this license. This license also carries free upgrades to any new versions of the software and full email support is extended to customers under this license.


· Don’t know EVM? Or Don’t understand the EVM Calculations? Don’t Bother. Leave it to the software to handle it. Just provide minimal input (3 data fields) from Microsoft Project the rest of the calculations will be taken care by the software. Read the material given above to understand the various parameters and their implications on your project and you are good to go. You can also check out the Help on Abbreviations provided within the tool.

· Any Size Project. Project can be small or big. Use the software consistently for small and big projects alike. The software is equipped to handle projects worth a few thousand dollars to the big billion dollar projects. Or Projects having a timeline of a few months to Projects having a timeline of a couple of years or more.

· Track and Monitor your projects using the EVM Technique. Take full control of your project and ensure that your project meets its stated objectives within budget and timelines as per the EVM guidelines.

· Periodical Project Status Report to the Management. Use the software as a periodical status report to the management giving the High Level picture in the Summary Sheet along with the Help on Abbreviations embedded in the sheet or provide a complete detailed report with all the charts on the various parameters indicating the trends.

· Perform detailed What-if Analysis. Use the software to check out where your project is headed to in terms of time and money. Check out how much over/under budget or how much behind/ahead of schedule your project is going to end with. Use the what-if criteria to analyze on what needs to be done to bring your project back on track or do much better than what it is slated to do. Provide quick answers to senior management questions like “What if we reduce the resources on the project by 5%?” or “What are the options available to finish the project on time with an increased scope?”.

· Perform Trend Analysis. Use the software to keep a check on the trends of the project  triple constraints (Scope, Time & Cost). Analyze and improve the project performance by taking corrective actions. Upward trends in variances could indicate a possible scope creep which can be analyzed. Similarly downward trends could possibly indicate another problem with the project which needs to be analyzed. Control your project periodically and keep the management informed.

· Adhere to PMI® Standards. The software is completely aligned to the PMI Practice Standard for Earned Value management. In fact, it does more than just follow the standards.

· Use it for any number of projects. Use the software for any number of projects that you might be handling and  ensure consistency across all the projects that are handled by you.



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